Let’s be honest… we’re a bunch of rookies!

For those of you who are familiar with our story, you know that our little venture started with Jordan wanting to learn. You know that cookies are what we do and ice-cream sandwiches are our mainstay. You may also know that in the few short months we’ve been open, this baby business has been so much fun and the BIGGEST teacher. Call us novice, call us babies, call us whatever you’d like – it’s our rookie year and we’re certainly figuring things out for the first time.

Our first summer has been everything we hoped it would be. We experienced a little bit of a breather from the pace of “Lynchburg with students” and met all of the locals – we love you guys! Summer has given us time to hone in on our processes and dream about the future. We’ve been busy over the past few months trying new flavors, testing new cookies, and crossing our fingers that our quick Amazon ordered umbrellas would survive the summer sun and rain long enough to see us into autumn. (Three cheers: we’re almost there!) And we’ve celebrated milestones and accomplishments with our team over goals we didn’t think we’d reach for a year!

But one of the biggest discoveries we made this summer was learning that our name is, for all practical purposes, not kosher to keep. It turns out the trademark already belonged to someone else - something we could have discovered with a little more research.

You can gasp. We did too.

As so many of you know by now, the name “Mookie’s” was originally chosen to blend our products  - milk & cookies - into one word. It sounds like “moo” and ironically coincides with the fact that Jordan is a big Mookie Betts fan. We adored the name and when we found out we needed to change, it felt like a break-up! “Mookie’s” seemed to define us so well, we were proud of it and attached to it. As you can imagine, it has been the hardest thing to let go of a name that we’ve all fallen in love with. In fact, it’s taken us ALL summer long.

But let go we must. In all of the brainstorming and planning and scribbling names on napkins that we’ve done recently, we’re confident our new name truly defines who we are. We’ve lived and learned and can now laugh at the fact (as we now know) that a quick Google search before naming a business is the way to go. The truth remains: we ARE just a bunch of rookies.

Don't worry, the truck isn't going anywhere. Our heart and mission are still the same and our product certainly hasn't changed - but as of this Friday, we will no longer go by the name Mookie's.

Drum roll please! Our new name is......

Can you guess?


We hope you’re chuckling as much as we are.

We also hope that you’ll celebrate with us this week as we say goodbye to the name Mookie’s and usher in Rookie's. Our goal is continue doing what we love most - serving a high quality product and creating space for people to feel welcome and at home.

So three cheers for Rookie’s! Still the best dessert truck in town ;)

We couldn’t cookie without you guys.

- Holly & Jordan (AKA: Rookie's of the Year)