I was reminded today about something my brother told his boss when he was asked why he worked so hard at his job. He said,

 “My Dad and my Grandpa always taught me to ‘Do something, even if it’s wrong’” so, when I come to work, I work. Chances are I’m doing something right.

It’s probably some of the best advice we (my brother, sister and I) grew up hearing and seeing. So good, that I was inspired to write about it today.

Jordan and I frequently answer questions about how and why Rookie’s got its start – and, honestly, there are a lot of reasons why we started. We saw a need in this area for a place that felt like home; where you could come with family and friends to make memories together while enjoying a dessert that didn’t yet exist in the area; we wanted experience owning a business (and, at the time, a food-truck-esque business model was something we could wrap our minds around); then, once we settled on the idea, we strongly desired to challenge the status quo of food trucks by making the aesthetic and customer experience our number one priority; and, we thought it would be a lot of fun!

But how? Well, we just did it.

Now. I want to be clear: that statement isn’t meant to sound arrogant. What I mean is this: even though we had absolutely NO idea what we were doing when we started and made some really foolish and sometimes costly mistakes along the way, the only way our little trailer got off the ground was by taking action in spite of the struggle of venturing into the unknown. We will never take credit for the success and reception of Rookie’s after we opened (that credit is due to all of you), but I think I can confidently share that I am proud for the struggle that took place (and takes place) behind the scenes when we fail, and fail, and fail again, but keep on going.

If anything, I hope our small success encourages you to start whatever it is you feel impassioned about. However small or large the dream, know your why, calculate the risk, and take the plunge.

Go ahead – Do something. Honestly. Just do it. Even if it’s wrong.