How is your name pronounced?

We get it. We spent months getting used to that long 'o' in Mookie’s, and then Rookie’s happened! Thankfully we’ve got Merriam Webster to help us all out.     

Definition of rookie

1: recruit; also : novice

And just in case you’re an auditory learner... How to Pronounce Rookies

What’s the “Classic”?

It’s our mainstay, a chocolate chip cookie. Classic.

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes! We have vouchers and gift cards that you can buy from us. Also, you are the kindest person. Can we be your friend? Do you buy awesome gifts like this for all your friends?

Why do you only have one line?

Wouldn’t it be quicker if I picked it up at another window?

Part of our vision for Rookie’s was to create a space where you felt welcomed to be, to stay a while, to make memories and not feel the rush and bustle of life. Because of this, we want each customer to feel like they’re having a conversation with us in our kitchen. We want to hang out with you! We’re in this business because we love people and know that our product wouldn’t matter if we didn’t have awesome customers like you visiting! This is why we value employees who are engaging and genuine, and it’s why we take the extra minute to ask about your day and it’s why we have no problem with you asking questions about our product while trying the ice-cream flavors. So in short, yes it might make our line look a bit shorter, but we don’t want you, our valued customer waiting in two different lines! We want you to order and then have what you paid for.

How do I know which flavors you have currently?

We announce them on our Facebook & Instagram the day they’re released so be sure you’re following us there! In addition our website always has up-to-date flavors and their descriptions posted. If you’re at the truck, be sure to check the board for the day's flavors because sometimes we throw on surprise flavors for a few hours!

Do you have other locations?

Not currently. We stay at Aylors Farm and Garden, Tuesday - Sunday, 2-11pm.

Will you be selling t-shirts any time soon?

Yes! We’re so glad you asked. They are available at our truck whenever we’re open!


Events & Catering

Who can I contact about events?

Email us at so that we can chat details! Visit our events & catering page for more details! 

Can I pre-order cookies for my event?

Absolutely! Though we do sell cookies by the dozen, we ask that customers who need more than three dozen at a time give us a 24hr heads-up so we can guarantee you the flavors you’d like.



Our Product

Do you have gluten-free products?

Yes we do! And unlike a lot of other GF cookies you’ve had, we promise you won’t feel like you’re missing out! We have family members who are gluten free so this was an important cookie to us. We make a chocolate chip GF cookie and use high quality Bob’s Red Mill flour in our cookies and ensure that there isn’t cross contamination with our other cookies.

Additionally, most of our ice-creams are also gluten free but be sure to ask before ordering.

Do you have sugar free ice-cream or cookies?

No, sorry.

Do you serve dairy free ice-cream or milk?

Yes! We serve almond milk for our customers who can’t enjoy Homestead with us and have recently developed a vegan cookie. We are currently testing different brands of dairy-free ice cream which is occasionally on the truck!

How long will my sandwich keep?

We serve dessert ready to eat so our recommendation would be to enjoy immediately! However, if you are taking them home to enjoy, we suggest popping them in the freezer for a few minutes in order to allow them to firm up.

Where is your milk sourced from?

All of our dairy products are sourced from Homestead Creamery Farms. We love their company and could not be more excited to partner with them in bringing grass fed dairy to this area.

Can I request flavors?

Yes! If you’re following us on social media you’ll notice that we ask our customers for their favorites and like to hear what you’re craving! We love to know what our customers want more of so anytime you have a suggestion, feel free to let us know!

How do you choose your flavors?

Most of our recipes are cookies that we grew up eating! We do like to keep things fresh though so while a few of our cookies are mainstays on the truck, we like to rotate flavors and give you something new to look forward to each month! We only bake cookies that we enjoy eating so each flavor is tested and approved by our creative team prior to making its debut on the truck and we draw a lot of our inspiration from what’s seasonally available and will pair best with our ice-cream flavors lined up for the month.

Where do you bake all those delicious cookies?

We bake all of our cookies on our truck, 3 dozen at a time!

I have a nut allergy. Is Rookie’s safe for me?

Most of the time, yes! But we caution you to enjoy at your own risk.

Cookies: We make every cookie from scratch in a kitchen that also produces products that contain milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, and wheat. But we follow good manufacturing processes and mix our cookie doughs starting with the least amount of allergens and ending with the most, and always wash, rinse, and sanitize equipment between each flavor.

We will also put up a sign on our truck when we make cookies that have nuts in them so that each person in line is aware and able to ask questions. 

Ice creams: We use separate spades for each flavor on the truck and are happy to change gloves and wash the scoop prior to serving you as an extra precaution upon request. More information about the way our ice-cream from Homestead Creamery is produced can be found on their website.

How can I find out what’s in my ice-cream?

We love partnering with Homestead Creamery to bring you the freshest, purest quality ice-cream product available. Pairing our made from scratch cookies with local, pasture grazed dairy product is a winning combination in our opinion. You can read about what goes into your ice-cream on their website.