Back to basics

Yes, we make cookies. Really good cookies. And we believe that good cookies start with good ingredients.

Since the beginning, we desired to only use quality products to ensure the soft, chewy goodness that you’ve learned to recognize as Rookie’s. We don’t use pre-made mixes, and we don’t play games when it comes to things like real butter or eggs. Many of our cookies are the recipes we grew up loving - and if mom approves, so do we! By no means will we ever claim to be 'healthy'; but, we can insure that our products are about as good for you as we can make them (we are talking cookies here). If you're anything like us, you want to know what you’re really eating. 

One of the biggest surprises to us was learning that we are sort of an anomaly when it comes to using real eggs in our cookies. Egg products (highly processed eggs that are separated, filtered, and combined with “other ingredients” before additional processing and pasteurization) are widely used by the foodservice industry and the commercial food industry. Egg products are mischievously marketed as a “healthier” alternative or as a more sanitary option due to pasteurization - but, let’s get real - they are an adulurated form of a real egg! I won’t take the time to get into all the benefits of real eggs here, but the proven and even scientific fact is that they are better for you. In taste. In consistency. And in cookies.

Speaking of taste in cookies, we are also committed to using real vanilla extract. We believe it makes a huge difference in the final product of a fresh baked cookie in both taste and consistency. Snubbing the imitation vanilla that poses so willingly and inexpensively on the shelf has not been easy - if you haven’t noticed or heard yet there is a world-wide vanilla shortage which means the price of keeping vanilla in our cookies has been tough; but, we will not budge.

If we put real ingredients in our cookies then you can bet your bottom dollar that we wanted to pair our cookies with the tastiest, homemade, high-quality ice cream we could get our hands on. And that, ladies and gentlemen, for us, is Homestead Creamery. We use their ice cream, milk, and lemonade because, like our cookies, you can taste the quality whether in a sip or a scoop. Enough said.

But no matter how close we try to stay to whole, pure ingredients we can’t help out in the sugar department. It’s just what we do. As long as cookies are an occasional treat, we think you’ll be safe. We’re singing along with Cookie Monster “Cookies are a Sometimes Food”. We’ll leave you to ask the question, “Is sometimes now?”

As we continue to grow we’re excited to add new recipes which means new ingredients like lemon zest, lemon juice, nuts, pure extracts and spices will be joining our pantry! It’s a small thing, using real ingredients, but it’s important to us - and so is being candid with you!


A note on allergies:

We do our best to ensure our gluten free or peanut free cookies are kept as far away from products that do contain these items and we clean our bowls and mixers like the Queen is coming for tea; but, unfortunately we cannot guarantee that cross-contact will not occur. We always post a sign in the window if nuts are present on the truck and if your allergy is mild-moderate, we can change our gloves when you order! We’ll allow you to make the call! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns!